1.1. Welcome to the Brand and Lifestyle Photography Course!

I am really excited and grateful you are now enrolled in this course!

We will cover together lots and lots of practical and theoretical aspects, as follows:

- we will approach technical settings, tips and ideas, through theory and practical examples

- we will shape together you branding guideline, based on your personality and the values you want to bring in your business (if you want to start one or you have already have a creative business which you want to refresh)

- we will test, discuss and play with all information in these modules.

Before we start, I would recommend you taking time each day and going through the modules in the specific order.This helps when we use a reference for some examples or some technical aspects disclosed in a past module.

I am a visual person, I have to write down a lot, no matter the situation - if it is for learning of simply for fun and pleasure. This is why, my suggestion is that you save a file on your computer or grab a new workbook to write down ideas, impressions, tips. Or if your mind works part as my mind does, you would need this for writing great hints that pop up spontaneously in your mind while working. If I don’t write them down, I risk of forgetting them very quickly - this happens because something from your activity can create a link with a memory in the particular moment...

I know everybody is looking for the perfect light in a picture - I am looking for the soft light that helps me tell the story of that picture. I wish that, no matter the type of photography, if airy of moody, product or landscape, you name it - you wish to capture the beauty of that moment and share it with amazing words that represent you.

If you are here with us, I believe you have the energy and the passion to create great stories with your photography!

With love, Alina 

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