I help creative women shape their photographic style, so that they can build a brand that stands out. Photography is the most important part of visual branding and helps you communicate who you are, what you love and what you stand for.
As a creative person, I’m combining my love for photography and the one for ceramics. I’ve started years ago building my pottery studio, where I create my own ceramic homewares and also provide a space where people can slow down and enjoy working with clay - and this made me understand even deeper how important is to have a consistent style in your photography.

I love walking in nature, in old villages, visiting fairs, antiques or flea-markets, in search for pieces that help me tell my story through photography. 

My creative world started as a child when I learned how to sew from my grandmother. She was a home-based tailor and I was surrounded by lots of coloured fabrics and textures, so that creating clothes for my dolls was the most interesting experience back then.

A couple of years later, I learned how to knit and later on, my father introduced me to the world of wood carving. A favourite game as a child was playing with leaves, flowers and making mud cakes, collecting and foraging.

As a photographer, I am working worldwide with creative women who benefit from both my offline and online experience and my plan is to start creative retreats to share in person this joy and energy.

My mission is to support you build your visual style through photography and storytelling. This way, you can shape your unique style, reflected in a brand that connects and helps you scale your business and your income. 

Contact: hello@alinabarna.com
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