3.1. Quick Intro

Welcome to our Branding Guideline module! 

A brand is a feeling or an emotion associated with a person or a company. It appeals to the audience’s thoughts, dreams, emotions and aspirations.

As you probably read before, people do not buy a product or a service - they buy an experience, and furthermore, they buy a better version of themselves.

Creating a brand guideline for yourself, will translate your personality and the brand’s style into specific processes, procedures - infused with your own story.

This will help you in two ways : communicating with designers, IT programmers, employees or any external collaborators & it will remain your personal reminder to what you stand for, your vision and goals.

People interact with people, not with businesses, so you need to add your personality into the visuals and the voice of the brand!

This module makes a short journey as follows:

- introduces the overview of a business (where branding has its own significant slice of a pie)

- defines the structure of a branding strategy, which are the main categories of it

- goes further into details on the main categories of a branding strategy.

Your brand identity (visuals and voice) are the elements that make you unique, who connect best your audience to you; visuals remain the best marketing.

This short introduction actually brings us back to the purpose of this course:

- being familiar to technical settings (module 1)

- understanding principles of art and design (module 2) for composition purposes

- defining your branding identity (module 3)

All first three modules build the skeleton and the muscles for your visual identity., and your job is to record it all in writing (file or workbook).Having this strong foundation, I promise you, you will gain instant insights of what style of pictures and wording to use while you are building up this guideline, because those neural connections will pop out every day, giving you a more and more detailed understanding of your style!

A clear identity will help you be CONSISTENT.Consistency breeds credibility and this way you become recognizable and rememberable. 

People will feel in time like they know you and being consistent in your style - all this will builds trust, the basis for any purchase.

You can get this only by setting time apart to define your style - not what you are thinking, your gut or past experiences or notes. 

Most people make their purchase decision on an unconciously and emotional level, backed up next by logic (finding those arguments why they need that book - because it makes them smarter).

This is why this journey will help you connect the dots between your vision, your goals and your audience, your product or service, understanding how you can connect emotionally with them, according to your personality and staying true to yourself!

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