3.4. Branding Fundamentals - Brainstorming

Before moving into technical stuff on brand identity, here below is a list of ideas you can use to search around your brand.

It will help you shape up the foundation of all the “why’s” and “purposes” and “values”; even more, it can bring up new insights connected to such topics.

Here we go:

1. Do you have a creative process or a routine when providing your service? How would you describe it, which are the steps?

2. Who inspired you in childhood? Maybe a parent, a school teacher, an event - and which where your favourite games in childhood?

3. Where do you find inspiration? Is it reading, walking, meeting likeminded people?

4. What do you love about where you live? What element is close to you, easy to get and is a part of your brand?

5. Does the backdrop inspire your work? Maybe you live by the sea and the colour palette are reflected intor your brand

6. What is the story behind a product / service? Do you have one, if there was a motivation (except for money which is a tool).

7. Do you take walks or any inspirational routines to bring more energy into your work? Do you have any favourite fairs, events, retreats or similars you love to attend which bring you lot of joy?

8. Which indoor or outdoor surroundings do you feel contribute the most to give you a great energy? Maybe working with music in background is a must for you…

9. Can people easily identify your style? Did you always have a specific style - like painting in a simple and naive style or talking loud and using lots of gestures.

10. In what way has your family background influenced your work? Is there a specific herritage - like carving tools from a grandfather you could include in your work?

11. What inspirational spots have a special place in your heart? Like a museum, old villages, exhibitions, experience of working with a talented colleague.

12. Who do you admire and why? Other fields of activity than yours should be included as well.

Bring you workbook and write down some ideas - connecting dots from an early chidlhood up to present will highlight that “red thread” that was there all the time.

Ideas like this will help you build the storytelling side of your brand, so search for them in your memories and emotions, your experience and the people you’ve met in your life!

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