3.7. Brand Identity - Other Elements

The visuals and the voice of your brand are the quickest way a customer can experience your business.

Apart from colour palette, there are several elements that shape your brand identity - the most significant ones are described below.

1. Logo

A logo identifies your business quickly and profesionally.

You can either hire a designer or buy a pre-made one (Etsy, Creative Market, Fiverr for example).

You should use the logo on your website, as profile picture on social media and on print materials.

Check that you can adjust its size, so that you can make it big or very small.

You can also create:

  • an alternative logo: redesign the main logo so that it will fit in different spaces or print materials
  • submark: used for social media icons, email signatures, business card for example 
  • collaterals: like social media icons.

2. Fonts (typography)

Your fonts need to communicate the right message, it’s not about picking trendy fonts.

In general, you can start with two or three fonts: one for headings, one for sub-headings and one for body copy.

You can pick these from the following categories: 

  • Serif: traditional / classic: like Times New Roman
  • Sans serif: modern / clean: like Arial, Helvetica
  • Script: feminine
  • Handwritten: playful, handwritten 
  • Bold, Italic.

You can do a test and type out some words to see if the visual text re-creates the experience of your brand.

Your font should support your story and don’t contradict the brand message.

The logo shapes and font styles / lines impact how people can perceive your brand and your business.

3. Communication Style

When establishing the communication style, try answering the following questions:

  • How do you speak to your audience, what is the tone: motivational, educational, like a mother, relaxed ?
  • What are the most representing words and actions for your brand? 
  • Where do you communicate with your customer: online or offline, through written content or video? Is it short or long type content?
  • Think of your customers when you choose the appropriate tools and platforms: are they visual or auditive? which platforms are more indicated in this case? 

Probably the most important touchpoint is your website - the space where your brand exists in the digital world. 

Your website will encompass all the elements mentioned before, reflected into images and copy.

All these elements encompass your brand personality or your visual identity.

Take time to do this journey and allow yourself to adjust where you feel it is necessary, until you feel it is aligned with your personality and your brand!

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