2.6. Elements: Texture and Pattern


In art, design and photography, texture is a visual element.

Texture refers to the physical quality of a surface and describes the tactile feeling.
Texture has a great role in fashion, portrait, food, product photography.

Many artist used special techniques to create texture in their paintings.

Vincent van Gogh has its own painting style, creating heavily textured artworks, also creating a sense of movement:


Pattern is the repetition of a motif on a surface; we practically discover patterns where there is a repetition of colours, lines and shapes.

We work with:

  • regular patterns (where the motif can be organic like flowers and leaves or geometrical or a combination), a repeated block (like a fern leaf)
  • irregular patterns - where the motif changes, but using the same elements in the motif, it does create the feeling of repetition
  • a combination of these.

Texture and pattern helps when trying to enrich the composition or establish a focal point.

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