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I know your desire is to grow your business and make more money with ease while enjoying your life as a business owner,
that your desire is to be on top of your numbers, to feel empowered around your money - and not in a reactive mood, leaking money and not knowing how to stop this leak...
and you know it's time to change your energy when it comes to managing your money and your numbers...
MONEY FLOW is my tested and proven 4-week program where I will guide you and show you how you can become the confident custodian and manager of your money!
1. We work together in a container with like-minded women entrepreneurs, creating a safe group experience
2. We use my step-by-step framework cash flow template that will be customised and personalised to your business
3. We will do this in a creative way that feels like playing - which will change your energy when working with numbers!
The program starts May 23 and runs for 4 weeks
We meet each Thursday at 6.30-7.30 pm CET
All workshops are live on Zoom and each workshop has both a teaching slot and a Q&A slot.
"I have an excel sheet that tracks my expenses, but this really is taking it to a whole new level, which is information i was looking for!”
"I realised I do not pay myself my monthly salary. There are a lot of things I have to pay to run my bussines.”
"The bucket system as the new way of looking at finances. The friendly fem atmosphere about finances is a newbie to me. I think you are doing a great job!”
"To pay yourself a salary. I heard that before and sounds so logical, but often we forget about that. So it's very good to get reminded on that again.”
"Simplifying the process!"
"That I am 1000% going to re-visit my prices! I have never calculated how to work out my prices before- I truly just picked what I thought was a 'trending’ price!"
"The importance of clarity instead of chaos in the whole process and becoming aware of my situation!”
“It feels so good to have everything structured and clear!”
"Sales funnel in a spreadsheet!😍"
Join us in this journey for you to become empowered around money and to embody the wealthy entrepreneur within you!
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