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This program is a great comprehensive 8-week group progran where we will:
- reveal your money personality with the help of money archetypes
- dive deep into your money blocks, stories and resisting beliefs to unlock and start healing them
- understand how to rewire them so that you can move to the next level of money and wealth in your life!

Weekly topics:

WEEK 1 – We create your money archetypes personality (top 3 dominants)

WEEK 2 & 3 – Discover the challenges and triggers in each of your dominant money archetypes (lower energy archetypes)

*Journaling (including specifics on how to journal) and visualisation

WEEK 4 & 5 - Balancing feminine and masculine energy around money - distorted and wounded areas for each one and the relationship to archetypes

*Tapping and journaling

WEEK 6 - Money making activities, rituals and habits (daily, weekly, monthly)

*Tapping, forgiveness, tracking wealth, gratitude, celebration and their meaning

WEEK 7 – Masculine structure: practical example of how to build a financial plan for your desired lifestyle

WEEK 8 – Masculine structure: practical example how to create the money buckets for your business or personal finances.

Your Investement:

Price: 97 euro
Start date: Aug 23rd (for 8 weeks)

Frequency: Zoom live calls once a week at 3.30 pm CET

You have unlimited access to the recordings.

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