When you buy an online course with Craftadian SRL, you accept the followings:
1. The online course (in here defined “online course”, “course”, “material" or “materials”) will start according to the information you receive in your registration email.
2. You will be granted access to the materials according to the information provided publicly on the website for that specific online course.
3. You agree that Craftadian SRL will collect your personal information when you enroll in a program and you agree to this according to our Privacy Policy published on the website.
4. You have unrestricted access to this online program for as long as this program runs. Craftadian SRL reserves the right to close down or cancel this online course any time, not sooner than one year from the date of your purchase.
5. In case of force majeure (including but not limited to website being closed down for severe technical issue, broken or hacked by a third party), Craftadian SRL is not responsible for relaunching or reproducing the online course you bought. In case this happens during the first year of your purchase, you are entitled to a 30% refund.
6. There are no guarantees or warranties in respect of the materials provided within the course; by using these materials, you are fully responsible and liable of your actions.
7. Craftadian SRL is not responsible for any currency conversion fees.
8. Your membership will be cancelled without notice if you disrespect these Terms and Conditions.
9. For payment in installments, you will be sent monthly by email the payment link (using the email you initially enrolled in this course), during the first week of each month, for as long as your installments are due. You are entitled to 5 working days to pay the installment of that specific month (starting from the date of sending the email). Unless the payment is made in this given timeframe, your membership will be cancelled without notice and you will not have access to any materials.
10. You are not allowed to share your password or login or registration information with any person.
11. All materials in this course are protected by copyright owned or licensed by Alina Barna and Craftadian SRL, and you acknowledge and agree to this. Material cannot be copied, reproduced or distributed in any form without prior written consent. All material provided is for your individual use (not commercial use).
12. You can not cancel your registration, there is no refund no matter the type of your enrollement.

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