Refine and Shine! Implementation Mastermind

Refine and Shine! is a hands-on 6 months program with personalised support and feedback to support you building your Consistent Visual Style.
This program brings alltogether photography, visual branding and elements of marketing.

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Photography and Visual Branding Academy

The Photography and Visual Branding Academy is a step-by-step group program, built on my 3-pillars framework on Photography, Visual Branding and Marketing.  
Here is what you will get in the Academy:
  • How to express visually your brand's emotions, so that your brand becomes consistent and trusted by your audience
  • How to become confident that your messaging is understood correctly by your audience, so that your visuals and your wording are always harmonised
  • How to use social media to represent you fully aligned with your personality, lifestyle and values
  • A portfolio of at least 20 images you can use for your website, free materials or social media
  • How to use composition and styling principles not only for your brand, but also for design purposes or for your personal style.
We start on June 21st  and seats are limited for this group course!

Find out more details about the course outline, bonuses and enrolment options right  here.

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