Refine and Shine! 
1-1 Implementation Mastermind

Refine and Shine! is a hands-on 6 months program with personalised support and feedback to support you building your Consistent Visual Style.
This program brings alltogether photography, visual branding and elements of marketing.

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IG with Your Energy Bootcamp

The Bootcamp is a small-sized group program where we create a powerful and consistent visual identity for your brand and business.
The intensive 4-weeks group program is divided in 8 topics and we will meet live for each one, so that you can pick my brain and get personalised feedback in each session:
Module 1 - What do I do and who is it for?
Module 2 - What are my pillars and how do I visually tell my story?
Module 3 - Colours and Energy
Module 4 - Selfie workshop
Module 5 - What’s in your IG storytelling formula?
Module 6 - Light, emotions and editing apps
Module 7 - Props workshop
Module 8 - Marketing mix and a curated IG feed
The bootcamp is built on 3 strong pillars: photography, visual branding and marketing.
We start on March 21, 2022  and there are 10 seats available.

Find out more details about the course outline, bonuses and enrolment options right  here.

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